Electrical Services

Electrical Services in Knoxville – Keeping Your Home Safe and Comfortable

Your home’s electrical system is the lifeline that powers your daily life – from lighting and appliances to heating/cooling and home entertainment. However, outdated wiring, faulty outlets, or overloaded circuits can quickly turn that convenience into a dangerous fire hazard. Don’t risk your family’s safety or home investment due to electrical issues. At Chaffee Air, our licensed Knoxville electricians provide the reliable electrical services you need for complete peace of mind.

Residential Electrical Repairs and Upgrades

Have you noticed flickering lights, outlets not working, or circuits frequently tripping? These are signs that your home’s electrical system needs professional attention. Ignoring electrical problems can lead to serious safety hazards like shocks, electrocutions, and house fires. 

Our team is equipped to handle any residential electrical repair, big or small:

  • Outlet and switch replacement to eliminate sparks or shocks
  • Circuit breaker repair/replacement to prevent overloads
  • Wiring repairs to fix damaged cables before they cause a fire
  • Lighting and ceiling fan installations for added convenience
  • Electrical panel upgrades for older homes with outdated systems

We’ve seen first-hand the devastation caused by electrical fires. Don’t let your family become another statistic – our electricians will thoroughly inspect and repair any electrical issues.

Home Rewiring for Safety and Modern Living

Many older homes in Knoxville were built with electrical systems that can’t handle today’s power demands from air conditioners, computers, home theaters and other electronics. This outdated wiring is a leading cause of electrical fires and poses serious safety risks.

Our home rewiring services bring your electrical system up to current codes with new wiring, outlets, fixtures and panels designed for your home’s square footage and power needs. This comprehensive upgrade ensures your lights, appliances and devices can run safely and efficiently.

Just ask the Smiths from West Hills – after we rewired their 1950s home, they no longer had to worry about overloaded circuits, and could finally use their electrical appliances without fear of starting a fire.

Electrical Safety Inspections – Preventing Disasters

Electricity is a silent hazard – problems can go unnoticed until it’s too late. That’s why an annual electrical safety inspection from our certified Knoxville electricians is so important. We thoroughly evaluate your electrical system, wiring, outlets, appliances and more to identify any potential fire risks, code violations or needed repairs.

With our detailed inspection report, you’ll have a clear picture of your home’s electrical safety. We’ll explain any issues and provide solutions to give you complete confidence and prevent deadly electrical fires. As one homeowner shared, “Their inspection caught an outdated fuse box no one realized was a huge fire risk – I’m so grateful they found it before it was too late!”

Commercial Electrical Services – Reliability for Your Business

For Knoxville companies, a reliable electrical system is essential for operations, productivity and safety. Our commercial electricians have extensive experience providing customized electrical design, installation and service for:

  • Office buildings and complexes
  • Retail stores and restaurants
  • Warehouses and industrial facilities
  • Healthcare clinics and hospitals
  • Schools and educational campuses

From new construction/renovations to lighting upgrades, maintenance and 24/7 emergency repairs, we ensure your electrical system can handle your power needs while meeting all codes. This allows you to run your business safely and efficiently without costly disruptions.

Don’t trust your home or business to just any electrician. At Chaffee Air, our licensed and insured team has over 25 years of experience delivering top-quality electrical services in Knoxville. We approach every job with professionalism, expertise and a customer-first attitude to make your safety and satisfaction our top priorities.

Contact us today to schedule an electrical repair, installation or safety inspection. We’ll make sure your electrical system keeps your property running smoothly and your loved ones protected.