If you suspect there is a problem with the heat exchanger in your Clinton, TN, home, you should address the problem immediately. One or more of the following heating system problems means a professional should check the condition of your heat exchanger.

1. Yellow Furnace Flame

A blue furnace flame is a sign that your heating exchanger is functioning as it should. A yellow furnace flame is a sign that either the burner in your furnace is dirty or there is a crack in your heat exchanger.

2. Furnace Produces Soot

When your furnace fails to burn gas fuel completely, carbon will build up in your heating system. The carbon will then cause your furnace to produce an excess amount of soot. A cracked heating exchanger is one reason your furnace may not make proper use of the fuel provided to it.

3. A Strong Odor

A furnace that produces an unpleasant smell may have a heating exchanger problem. The foul odor you smell is likely the result of burning formaldehyde. You should call a technician immediately if you feel this toxic substance is affecting the air quality in your home.

4. Cracks and Corrosion

Signs of wear and tear on exterior components often give a hint to the fact that the interior system components of your furnace have begun to deteriorate. Your heating exchanger is one of the system components you should check when this happens.

5. Water on the Floor

If you observe water on the floor near the base of your furnace, you may need a professional to replace your heating exchanger. This fact is especially true if you have not had any condensation problems with your heating system. You will need an HVAC contractor to address this problem.

Several heating system problems will alert you to the possibility of damage to your heating exchanger. Call our team at Chaffee Air, Heating & Cooling in Clinton, TN, to address your heating repair needs.