Ductless heating systems are a great choice when it comes to your home’s heating needs. Reduced output, high utility bills, ice buildup, leaking fluid and unusually loud sounds should raise concern. Here are signs that your ductless heating system has problems that may need repair for residents of Loudon, TN.

Leaking Fluid

Your ductless system uses a refrigerant that condenses to create your home’s heating. It absorbs heat from one section and transfers it to the cooler areas. This refrigerant is toxic to humans, so any leaks signify the need for a repair.

A ductless heating system in perfect condition shouldn’t leak any fluids. Any leaking fluid means the refrigerant is escaping the system. Without a refrigerant, your heating unit only works as a fan.

Unusual Loud Sounds

The design of ductless heating systems allows them to operate silently. Loud sounds coming from within the system signify that the unit needs repair. Wear and tear due to friction causes hissing, squealing, and rattling sounds, necessitating repair.

Reduced Output

When your HVAC fails to produce warm air, it could be a problem that requires urgent repair, like a clogged filter. If your ductless system doesn’t produce a good volume of warm air, it’s time to call a technician. Increased system cycling rates are indicators of a lack of efficiency in the system and point to the need for repairs.

Ice Buildup

Ice buildup on your ductless unit signifies a problem with the evaporator coil. A dirty evaporator coil can freeze the condensate that forms during operation. Your ductless HVAC may need a repair if you see these signs.

Higher Utility Bills

As your ductless HVAC ages, its efficiency declines. Higher utility bills happen when the unit runs for longer periods to heat your home. This development calls for a scheduled upgrade and maintenance.

Detecting the need for ductless HVAC repair helps you save on operational costs and eliminate system inefficiency. If you need heater installations and ductless HVAC system services, contact us at Chaffee Air Heating and Cooling.