Are you building a new home or simply replacing outdated heating and cooling equipment in Loudon, TN. If so, you may want to consider whether to stick with a traditional unit or switch to a ductless option. Anyone who is concerned about reducing their energy use should take a serious look at going ductless.

Recovers 25% or more of Lost Energy

Perhaps the most impressive thing about ductless HVAC systems is their energy efficiency. Standard heating and cooling equipment that’s attached to ducts will lose approximately 25 percent of the energy it creates. By going ductless, you can automatically recover this lost energy. This will save you money on utilities and be more environmentally friendly.

Energy Star Models Come with Additional Perks

It’s always best to purchase appliances that have a solid Energy Star rating, especially if your primary goal is to cut energy expenses. When it comes to an Energy Star rated ductless HVAC system, you can save an average of 30 percent on energy bills versus a standard unit. Additionally, some of these ductless units qualify for local utility incentives and federal tax credits.

Stops the Constant On-Off Cycle

Does your current HVAC system spend a lot of time cycling on and off? This is a common issue, especially in an area like Loudon where it’s almost always above freezing and can get extremely hot in the summer. Going through this cycle is not energy efficient, but central HVAC systems often have issues with short-cycling. When you make the switch to a ductless device, you’ll reduce the massive energy consumption that’s required to start the compressor. Instead of frequent cycling, your ductless unit will slow down or speed up as needed to maintain the ideal indoor temperature.

A professional installation is the best way to ensure that your ductless HVAC system gets the proper fit. The experts at Chaffee Air are here to take care of all your heating and cooling installation and repair needs. Call us today to find out if going ductless is right for you.