Many homeowners in Clinton, TN and the surrounding area turn to a heat pump as their primary heating and cooling solution. This makes perfect sense for those who would like to reduce their energy expenses without becoming uncomfortably hot or cold in their home.

Does a Heat Pump Have Temperature Restrictions?

When it comes to the heating portion of these units, it’s best to consult an expert HVAC contractor about installing them in areas that regularly experience temperatures below 25 degrees. Fortunately, Knoxville’s coldest average temperature doesn’t typically drop below 29 degrees, which makes a heat pump a viable option.

While heat pumps might not work well when the temperature outside drops, they can be paired with a furnace to provide optimal comfort no matter how cold it gets. These hybrid systems switch over automatically when outdoor temperatures reach a certain point.

How Do These Units Heat and Cool a House?

Unlike a central furnace or AC unit, a heat pump has an option to put out cool or warm air. In a nutshell, heat pumps work like traditional air conditioners with the important distinction that they can also work in reverse when it comes time to heat your home. A reversing valve allows the refrigerant to flow in the opposite direction, extracting heat energy from outdoors and transferring it inside to warm the house.

Why Should I Switch from a Standard HVAC System?

Heat pumps are generally more energy-efficient than other HVAC systems. They’re also a great choice when a natural gas line isn’t available because these handy units usually run on electricity. In fact, these pumps tend to be much cheaper to operate than gas furnaces or boilers.

The best way to ensure that you get the right unit for your home is by working with expert HVAC contractors. Whether you’re looking for a heat pump or another kind of HVAC unit, the team at Chaffee Air can help. Give us a call today so we can discuss your heating and cooling options.