A broken thermostat can make it tricky to keep your Oak Ridge, TN home at a comfortable temperature. Below are indications that your HVAC thermostat needs service.

The Settings Don’t Match the Temperature

The thermostat may not be correctly calibrated. You can check for this by bringing a thermometer into the room where your thermostat is and comparing the temperatures once the thermostat has shut off. The temperature of the room should be close to the number shown on the thermostat, within 2-3 degrees.

If your thermostat shows a very different number than your thermostat, there’s an issue. Schedule an appointment with a service technician to have it checked.

Your HVAC Unit Not Turning On or Off

When your HVAC system doesn’t turn on or off as expected, don’t immediately assume it’s broken. Instead, check your thermostat because sometimes it’s the culprit. For instance, If your thermostat is close to a source of heat, it won’t turn on when cold sets in.

Inconsistent Temperatures Within the House

Sometimes some rooms in your home may have different temperatures as a result of a malfunctioning thermostat. This is especially true if you have a zoned system that allows you to heat or cool portions of your home.

Zoned systems require multiple thermostats. If one of them malfunctions, then some sections of your home will be the correct temperature while a single zone will be hotter or cooler than you expect.

Your HVAC unit may also begin to make short cycles without reaching the set temperatures. This occurs because the thermostat thinks you have reached the threshold temperature where it needs to turn on again. Repairs by a technician should correct such issues and prevent damages to your HVAC system.

Unresponsive Thermostat

When changing temperature settings, your thermostat should respond within about 30 seconds. However, a broken thermostat won’t respond.

Another responsiveness issue is a broken or hard-to-read display. In this case, the thermostat’s thermometer may be fine but the display needs replacement.

To keep your home comfortable at all-times, schedule regular checkups with a professional HVAC specialist. Contact Chaffee Air for thermostat issues or any other HVAC system maintenance.