The last thing you want to experience during a hot Clinton, TN, summer is your AC unit breaking down and becoming non-functional. Discover the signs that indicate it’s time to schedule an HVAC system tune-up with a professional technician.

Strange Noises

It’s likely that you’ve become accustomed to the normal noises made by your HVAC system as it starts up or ends a cycle. Pay attention to any odd noises that shouldn’t be there.

You shouldn’t hear squealing sounds coming from the system. These noises indicate that you need a new belt. Grinding sounds indicate that your technician should perform recalibration or tighten a loose part.

The key is getting a tune-up performed immediately upon hearing these dangerous sounds. Doing so ensures that you won’t run into more costly AC repairs or even full HVAC system replacement needs.

Odd Odors

Your HVAC system works to freshen the air and improve your home’s indoor air quality. Something is in need of repair, however, if you notice any unpleasant odors coming from the vents.

For example, the wiring inside your HVAC system is in need of repair if you experience electrical smells. Get this fixed right away because bad wiring can eventually cause a fire.

Inconsistent Temperatures

A properly working HVAC system keeps your home at the correct and consistent temperature. Noticing rapid increases or decreases in temperature indicates that you have a problem that needs professional attention.

The good news is that HVAC system maintenance usually clears this issue up quickly. Your technician will check the thermostat and recalibrate the system so the AC unit returns to maintaining a consistently cool temperature all summer long.

Poor Airflow

Schedule a tune-up appointment as soon as you notice airflow problems. Check to make sure that every room is getting enough cool air as the system operates. You’ll know you have an issue with airflow when the cooling system can’t service all rooms in the house adequately.

Poor airflow signals that future problems are about to happen. This situation indicates that you might have pressure imbalances and could lead to compressor failure.

Excessive Humidity

High humidity levels are an enemy to your home’s wood materials and also your furniture. Humidity creates moisture and warps anything made from wood. You’ll notice doors and windows don’t close properly when humidity and moisture problems exist in the house.

It’s possible that a humidity problem is the result of a faulty thermostat setting. Another cause often stems from an HVAC system that’s experiencing poor airflow and cycling on and off too frequently. If you take the time to schedule an HVAC system tune-up to get this issue fixed, then you’ll benefit from a more comfortable indoor environment and protect your home’s materials all at the same time.

Increases in Power Bills

Are you noticing higher-than-normal electricity bills? It’s likely that your HVAC system is experiencing problems with efficiency.

Dirty air filters are one cause for higher energy bills. Clogged filters cause a situation where the system needs to work harder than it should to circulate air.

Your system could have a leak within the ductwork. A duct leak lowers the AC unit’s ability to satisfy the thermostat by distributing air properly. The air conditioner runs harder when it takes too long to reach the thermostat’s temperature setting.

Power bills can increase when HVAC system parts fail. This includes faulty capacitors, motors, compressors, or belts. The result is a less efficient process that needs more energy to operate with.

Low refrigerant contributes to inefficiency as well. Getting a tune-up allows your technician to check the refrigerant and recharge the system so that the HVAC system doesn’t use more energy than is necessary.

Are you noticing any of these HVAC system problems? Contact one of our friendly Chaffee Air representatives so we can send out a technician to perform a tune-up on your AC unit. We’ll make sure your family remains comfortable throughout the entire summer.